It’s a CIRCLE, start anywhere…


Are you the kind of person who always seems to have life figured out? If so, let me take the opportunity at the outset to bow down to you. You are no more human, you have achieved the game level called “GOD PARTICLE”!

See, I called you God first, so please take note of my prayer on priority and share your secrets, because the rest of us are here trying to make sense of the wild ride called existence!

I fondly remember my first promotion and also how stupid I was not knowing where to start, now that I had the new role bagged in. My manager at that time sat me down and said to me…

When you don’t have any clue where to begin and everything seems like a circle, start anywhere, cause wherever you start, the circle starts right there!

So by making my utter confusion of where to start this blog, I have slyly turned that “confusion” to be the start. haha! See what I did there?

If you’ve ever felt like a newbie in this game of life, welcome to the club where authenticity reigns, and being a “wannabe” is not just okay—it’s celebrated!

Unveiling the Journey to Wannabe Greatness

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to announce the birth of two exciting online destinations where the power of the wannabe spirit is embraced, celebrated, and cherished like never before. Drumroll, please, for the grand launch of and! 🥁

These platforms are like a playground for the curious, the dreamers, and those who believe that life is an adventure meant to be savored.

Let’s be real, life’s most exciting moments often start with those four magical words: “I want to be…” Whether you want to be a guitar-strumming rockstar, a fearless globetrotter, a wordsmith extraordinaire, or even a coding whiz, these platforms are your virtual companions on the journey to self-discovery and growth.

Challenges? More Like Opportunities!

Remember when life handed you lemons, and you thought, “Well, what do I do with these? Make lemonade? Nah, I’ll just pucker my lips and pretend I’m in a comedy sketch!” That’s the spirit we’re talking about.

At we firmly believe that challenges are merely opportunities dressed in funky disguises. Who knew that cancelling my first international trip 5 hours before I took off or missing my brothers bachelors trip due to a passport glitch could be the prologue to visiting 25 countries? It’s like life’s way of saying, “Plot twist: You’re about to embark on an epic adventure!”

A Wannabe’s Guide to World Domination (or Something Like That) | Ok I am being dramatic! 😛

Now, let’s talk about the secret sauce behind this grand vision. If you’re someone who believes in continuous learning, personal growth, and self-improvement, congratulations – you’re part of the elite club!

I am on a mission to empower individuals with the ultimate superpower: a growth mindset. The kind that doesn’t just accept challenges, but takes them out for coffee and turns them into best buddies.

A Global Tribe of Wannabes

Picture a community that spans the globe – a diverse, vibrant bunch of individuals who refuse to settle for mediocrity. They believe in the power of learning, supporting each other, and transforming dreams into realities. Imagine learning from the experiences of fellow wannabes, sharing laughter, lessons, and maybe a few epic fails along the way.

In a Nutshell: Embrace Your Inner Wannabe

If you are someone who like me believes in celebrating every stage of the journey, from “I want to be” >” to “I’m becoming” > to “I have become”, please join me on this rollercoaster ride where growth knows no limits, learning is a lifelong party, and challenges are simply stepping stones to greatness.

So, to all you aspiring singers, painters, coders, writers, and everything in between – let’s embark on this adventure together. Because life’s a game, and we’re all a bunch of wannabe winners!

Embrace the journey, fellow Wannabes, and welcome to a world where being a “wannabe” is the coolest thing you can be. 🌟

Stay Wannabe,

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