Late for my flight


It’s 4:45 pm when I suddenly realize that I am a little too late to take the MRT to the airport

I am already worried that I don’t have check-in baggage allowance and my hand carry bag itself weighs more than the allowable 7 kilograms. In addition to that I have my laptop bag, in which I have stuffed in a few extra clothes.

When you are travelling solo, you don’t want to spend a bomb on things which can easily be avoided. However, as they say “desperate times call for desperate measures“, I have to call for a Taxi if I have to reach the airport on time to catch my flight to Cambodia

Hiring a taxi in Singapore can turn out to be quite expensive especially when the airport happens to be exactly in the opposite end of town from where you live. 

But there are alternatives. Be a smart traveller!

I guesstimate that the time was just before rush hour and not many people may call for a cab at this time. Especially, on the way to the airport. Hence, I request for a shared taxi using the Grab share app and rush to take a shower. Honestly, I was taking my chances. 

First attemptFAIL 🙁

Second attemptNo Go, Damn!!!!!!

Shit, I am late and I can’t find a cab. OK, last try. Else, I will book a cab at regular price which could be expensive.

Third attemptWooHoo!!!! Found one which would cost me one-third of the usual price. Best part, my trick worked. I got a shared cab with no one to share with. Sweet!                 

However, note to self – Goddamn Saheb! Be punctual !!!!

I quickly take a shower, get ready, tidy up my room, close all doors and windows, dump the dirty laundry and get a notification that the cab has already reached. I call the driver and tell him that I am on my way. The driver, a kind elderly gentleman tells me not to worry and not to hurry!

Before I walk out, I recheck my belongings… PassportCheck ; WalletCheck ; Cash – Check

Wait CASHHHHHH! I forgot to withdraw Cash and get them exchanged to USD! WTF!

When you are running late, Murphy’s law always kicks in. 

Everyone needs to use the lift today, and the lift seems to stop at almost every other floor between 19th and ground.

However, the cab driver is kind enough to wait for me to withdraw cash and exchange currency. I am now on my way to the airport. 😊

On reaching the airport, the taxi drops me at the last gate because we were unable to spot the name of the tagged Airline at each gate. I get off and figure that I need to check in at counter #2 and I am standing at counter #14.

Bottom line, I need to walk back all the way. Arghhh!

When I am at Row 2, I am pleasantly surprised to see that I don’t need to check in via a counter. It’s just a machine and that would not check the weight of my hand baggage. I check in and am about to walk away when a lady airport staff looks at me and asks me if I needed a hand carry tag for my luggage. Since I had checked in already, I confidently ask her to hand me 2 tags. 

Travel TipPack only things that you need and travel light!

She picked up 2 tags for me, however before handing them over she looks at my bags and asks me to weigh them!!!! I am about to be screwed. Extra luggage can cost as high as S$ 100 per Kilogram! 

😂As my luck serves, the total weight of my hand carry and laptop bag is 12.7 Kg, which is just 1.3 Kg short of the double  of the permissible limit…  

The lady does not give me a baggage tag (obviously, dhuh!) saying that she is not allowed to tag a bag beyond the permissible weight.

Life hack: FLIRT – It may work sometimes, not always !

I somehow sweet talk my way through it. Although she does not let me have the baggage tags, she tells me to walk towards immigration and take my chances. 

Singapore immigration is awesome. If you are living here, all you need to do is Scan your passport and finger print and move on. So, when she said take your chances with immigration. I was like…

IMMIGRATION? Hashtag Piece of cake! 😛

2 hours of sitting down in conjunction with one cup of noodles, 2 bottles of water, a cup of coffee and toilet break on board a Jetstar flight, I land at Phnom Penh airport 😉

P.S. The featured photograph in this post has been taken by me using an iPhone 6 only.                 

Part 2: Immigration? #PieceOfCake? Yeah right! – almost kicked out… Coming soon!

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2 thoughts on “Late for my flight

  1. Loved it, loved the way it’s written.
    All details of your journey described so vividly that it was absolute fun to read.

    1. Thank you Kajal. I am glad that you liked it. I will keep trying to do better 🙂
      The next part is more fun.

      Do share with others as well so that I can keep myself motivated 🙂

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