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Late for my flight

It’s 4:45 pm when I suddenly realize that I am a little too late to take the MRT to the airport

I am already worried that I don’t have check-in baggage allowance and my hand carry bag itself weighs more than the allowable 7 kilograms. In addition to that I have my laptop bag, in which I have stuffed in a few extra clothes.

When you are travelling solo, you don’t want to spend a bomb on things which can easily be avoided. However, as they say “desperate times call for desperate measures“, I have to call for a Taxi if I have to reach the airport on time to catch my flight to Cambodia

Being wannabe!

She: What is the sweetest of all sounds?

He: The sweetest of all sounds is the voice of the woman we love!

She: That’s cute! Is that an original? If yes, may be it’s working on me.

He: Think of it as one then! 😉 However, it is a 17th Century saying.

She: If it has been stated for ages, it must be true.

He: Sure it is, but there are some things which sound better.

She: What do you mean?

He: The sounds of anchor chains, plane motors and train whistles.

She: You talk like you are some kind of a traveller.

He: Haha! No, I am not. I am just a wannabe