How incredible is India?

It’s Friday evening. I am out with colleagues to grab a few drinks after a busy work week. We order a few rounds while I share stories about India, our lives, experiences, and travels.

Most of my colleagues have traveled to many countries. I add in a drop of remorse that although I have seen my fair share of the world, I wish to see more of my own country. There is ancient wisdom in the very air you breathe in India. To that one of them asks me…

Hey, of what ever you have seen, how would you define India?

In pursuit of identity

A major part of Travelling is meeting new people and having great conversations as you never know who you are going to meet and what will you end up talking about. That, in essence, is the beauty of this surprise. That may also introduce you to your identity.

Something such happened when he met a Moroccan girl from France, and interestingly, it began the moment they sat down to dinner, when she said, in a low inquisitive voice…

Late for my flight

It’s 4:45 pm when I suddenly realize that I am a little too late to take the MRT to the airport

I am already worried that I don’t have check-in baggage allowance and my hand carry bag itself weighs more than the allowable 7 kilograms. In addition to that I have my laptop bag, in which I have stuffed in a few extra clothes.

When you are travelling solo, you don’t want to spend a bomb on things which can easily be avoided. However, as they say “desperate times call for desperate measures“, I have to call for a Taxi if I have to reach the airport on time to catch my flight to Cambodia

Being wannabe!

She: What is the sweetest of all sounds?

He: The sweetest of all sounds is the voice of the woman we love!

She: That’s cute! Is that an original? If yes, may be it’s working on me.

He: Think of it as one then! 😉 However, it is a 17th Century saying.

She: If it has been stated for ages, it must be true.

He: Sure it is, but there are some things which sound better.

She: What do you mean?

He: The sounds of anchor chains, plane motors and train whistles.

She: You talk like you are some kind of a traveller.

He: Haha! No, I am not. I am just a wannabe